April 17th, 2014

Six Websites That (Perhaps Surprisingly) Are Powered by WordPress

photo courtesy of creativebloq.com

photo courtesy of creativebloq.com

According to recent usage statistics from W3Techs, WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS), accounting for 60 percent of the market share. WordPress websites are on the rise; the CMS once considered strictly a blogging platform currently accounts for about 21 percent of websites – up from about 17 percent last April.

That means one in every five websites is built on the powerful open-source technology of WordPress. To give you a better idea of what WordPress can do, we did a little digging and, using Alexa visitor statistics as a measure of site traffic, compiled a short list of six websites powered by the popular CMS.

From muddy marathons to online nursing programs to the world’s greatest rock‘n’roll band, websites are harnessing what WordPress can do.


TechCrunch (Alexa U.S. rank – 223) is a popular online news outlet that focuses on breaking tech news, reviews of new products, and reviews of up-and-coming startups. TechCrunch reaches millions of unique visitors per month and is powered entirely by WordPress.



Georgetown University (Alexa U.S. rank – 5,958) relies on WordPress to power the site for its online master’s in nursing program, Nursing@Georgetown. The site goes well beyond information about admissions and academics, publishing regular updates from the Georgetown Nursing Blog and featured videos.


SURFER Magazine

The self-described “bible of surfing,” SURFER Magazine was first published in 1959 and today is circulated to about 100,000 readers worldwide. Online, surfermag.com (Alexa U.S. rank – 9,182) reaches more than 313,000 unique visitors and highlights a wave of colorful multimedia content using the WordPress CMS. In addition to stories from the monthly printed version, the site also features discussion forums, instructional videos and international surf reports and forecasts by region.


Tough Mudder

Offering an alternative to traditional marathons, Tough Mudder events are 10- to 12-mile races filled with obstacles like 12-foot wooden walls, uphill monkey bars and – of course – mud. The WordPress website (Alexa U.S. rank – 10,923) gives Tough Mudder the ability to showcase images and videos from the events to show visitors a glimpse of the real thing. Plus, the site helps build community with user-generated content in the “Mudder Nation” section and downloadable bootcamp workouts as part of an online training section.


The Rolling Stones

Celebrating 50 years together in 2012, the Rolling Stones honored their golden anniversary in a number of ways – a design update by Shepard Fairey, a documentary, a return to London’s Hyde Park and a new WordPress website, of course. The official website for “the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world,” rollingstones.com (Alexa U.S. rank – 52,538) features a complete discography, solid integration with iTunes and perhaps the cleverest 404 error ever.


Best Buy Mobile

The official website for Best Buy Mobile specialty stores is built on the WordPress CMS. The site, bestbuymobile.com (Alexa U.S. rank – 82,428), acts as a hub for news and information about tablets and e-readers, phones and accessories available at Best Buy Mobile stores or online. With weekly offers and a store locator, the Best Buy Mobile website provides information that can help customers before they decide to buy a new device. Plus, the site allows visitors to check the upgrade eligibility of a device and schedule an in-store appointment at a nearby location.


More and more sites like the ones on this list are taking advantage of the highly customizable platform to grow their brands, reach their audiences and accomplish their goals. Which WordPress-powered sites are your faves? Let us know in the comments.

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